Siren Investigations




Decision makers today are increasingly turning towards private investigators to obtain essential and often critical information necessary for a strategy or deliberation. However, finding the right investigator can be challenging. We have represented many clients, all who deserve the same things - an investigator who is trustworthy, strives to understand their needs, and works hard in their favor. At Siren Investigations, we have the investigators you seek standing ready to take on any challenges your case may bring. So, don't delay any longer and call us today!


  • Asset Investigation
    Different variations of asset checks available.  Searches may include real property, assumed names, secretary of state records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, ucc's, motor vehicles, boats, planes, recreational vehicles, etc.
  • Background Investigation
    Different variations of background checks available. Searches may include civil records, criminal records, employment history, identity verification, reference verification, professional licensing, spouses, address history, etc.
  • Legal Investigation
    Provide investigation and legal  support in civil and criminal matters including witness locates, witness interviews, witness vetting, due diligence, subpoena service, document retrieval, opposition research, etc.       
  • Missing Persons
    Searches conducted locally and nationally to locate missing relatives, known and unknown heirs, parties to litigation, deadbeat parents, adoptees, birth parents, persons suspected to be victims of violent crime, etc.